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Human Performance in Six Degree of Freedom Input Control

Shumin Zhai, Ph.D.

Chapter 5 - Displaying User's Input: Utilising Semi-transparency in 3D Interaction

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Presenting Depth Information

5.3 Experiment 5
5.3.1 Experimental Set-up Experimental Platform5.3.1.2 Experimental Task The Targets and Their Motion The Cursor and the Input The Display
5.3.2 Experimental Conditions and Hypotheses
5.3.3 Experimental Design and Procedure
5.3.4 Performance Measures
5.3.5 Experimental Results Trial Completion Time Error Rate Error Magnitude Temporal Effects and Results in Final Phase Subjective Preferences Summary of Results

5.4 Discussion
5.4.1 Properties of Semi-transparency: Discrete, Relational Depth Cueing
5.4.2 Interactions among depth cues: Modelling of 3D performance

5.5 Applications